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dongwon jeong
‘Music genius’ Dongwon Jeong received the Hanteo Chart’s Certification Plaque. Kpop singer Dongwon Jeong received the Hanteo Chart’s official Initial Sales certification plaque with his first full-length album, ‘Nostalgia, The Giving Tree,’ released last month. In a video released on December 16 through the YouTube Whosfan TV channel, Dongwon announced that he received an official Initial... Read More
‘Music genius’ and Kpop singer Dongwon Jeong will continue his active career as a blue-chip in the advertising industry. Trot singer Dongwon Jeong recently signed a contract with Ivy Club, a school uniform brand. Dongwon is usually loved for his energetic appearance, sound image, and bright energy. This time, he will stimulate fans’ hearts with clear... Read More
Kpop singers Minho Jang and Dongwon Jeong are eye-catching.On September 15th, NEW ERA Project Instagram said, “The fourth Trot Special Partners will visit through Naver NOW.” After a while, at 8:00 pm., they posted a photo with the caption, “See you at Naver NOW.”In the photo, Minho Jang and Dongwon Jeong are posing affectionately.Their charm... Read More