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DKB members
Kpop group DKB member Heechan presented a sweet charm through a choreography cover video. On the afternoon of December 13, Brave Entertainment released a cover video of DKB’s main dancer Heechan performing ‘Peaches’ by EXO Kai through the group’s official social media and YouTube channel. Heechan’s soft yet swag-filled body movements perfectly covered ‘Peaches’ and... Read More
Kpop group DKB finally released their first single album, ‘ROLLERCOASTER.’ Brave Entertainment released the music video of the title song ‘Rollercoaster’ on their official YouTube channel at 6 pm on October 28, along with the release of DKB’s first single album of the same name. The video begins with the sound of the emotional melody.... Read More
KPop group DKB has released a new promotion scheduler image for their comeback album, ‘ROLLERCOASTER.’ On the afternoon of October 18, Brave Entertainment released the comeback promotion scheduler for the first single album ‘Rollercoaster’ through the official social media of DKB. The release of the scheduler signals full-fledged comeback activities. The released image contains an... Read More