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DAVICHI members
According to AGKorea Entertainment, Kpop group POSTMEN member Jihoo Shin will release his new song ‘Time To Fly’ on online music sites before noon on January 10. ‘Time To Fly’ is a British pop-rock ballad song. It features an impressive vintage crunchy tone electric guitar sound and emotional analog piano. Jihoo Shin’s sweet vocal tone... Read More
Kpop singer IU, Kpop duo Davichi, and rookie girl group IVE met as candidates for 1st place. MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ revealed the nominees for the first place in the third week of December. On this day’s broadcast, Davichi’s ‘Everyday Christmas,’ IVE’s ‘ELEVEN,’ and IU’s ‘Strawberry Moon’ were nominees for 1st place. Davichi appeared as a... Read More
Kpop singers Yongjae Shin of 2F and Ben will be the sixth singers of the ‘REVIBE’ project. Major9 said on December 1, “Yongjae Shin and Ben will participate as the 6th singers of the 20th-anniversary collaboration project ‘REVIBE.'” ‘REVIBE’ is a project that reinterprets the songs of VIBE, sung and loved by the best artists.... Read More