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daily kpop update
Kpop producer Spacecowboy released a retro-sentimental animated music video. Spacecowboy released ‘Galaxy’ this year. Genie Music’s YouTube channel posted the animated music video of ‘Galaxy’ at 6 pm on October 29. This is the first work he released in seven months since ‘Afterlife (Feat. OOHYO),’ in March. They completed ‘Galaxy’ through the Korea Creative Content... Read More
Kpop group JUST B will showcase a hotter charm. On the afternoon of October 27, they held a showcase to celebrate the release of their first single album, ‘JUST BEAT.’ Member Jimin Lim said, “I’m less nervous than when I debuted. But, since it’s my first comeback, I feel like I’m trembling with a different... Read More
KPop group DKB has released a new promotion scheduler image for their comeback album, ‘ROLLERCOASTER.’ On the afternoon of October 18, Brave Entertainment released the comeback promotion scheduler for the first single album ‘Rollercoaster’ through the official social media of DKB. The release of the scheduler signals full-fledged comeback activities. The released image contains an... Read More