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The day of the ‘2022 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) has come. Among the Kpop idols eligible to take the CSAT, VERIVERY’s Kangmin, TREASURE’s Doyoung, Rocket Punch’s Sohee, fromis_9’s Jiheon Baek, Ghost9’s Woojin, Ciipher’s Dohwan & Won, MCND’s Minjae & Huijun will head to the CSAT test site. The number of Kpop idols who do... Read More
The Kpop group Rocket Punch will officially debut in Japan. They will release their first Japanese mini-album, ‘Bubble Up!’ on August 4th and begin to take over the Japanese market in earnest. The title song of the same name as the album, ‘Bubble Up!,’ is a song about the excitement of a new beginning and... Read More
TWICE members Sana and Dahyun captivated fans with their charming looks. In the magazine AtStyle’s June pictorial released on May 21st, TWICE Sana and Dahyun perfectly expressed everything from a lively mood to a chic, intense concept with their calm and elegant look. Fans called TWICE members Sana and Dahyun the ‘Cider Chemistry’ because they... Read More