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Crush updates
Kpop group Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon captivated fans by showing off her girl-crush charm. On January 4, Taeyeon posted a short video on her Instagram along with the caption, “GOT the beat.” In the released video, she is showing various poses. Her freely changed poses showed a dazzling aura. Especially, her mysterious gray hair made her beauty... Read More
Kpop group AESPA member NingNing is leaving after finishing the pre-recording of the ‘2021 KBS Song Festival’ held at KBS in Yeoeuido, Seoul, on December 16. Kpop group AESPA member NingNing shows off her hip fashion and ‘girl crush’ charm! Read More About: VIXX Leo Revealed What Has Changed In Him Through An Interview With... Read More
The secret account of the Kpop group Red Velvet member Joy, who is dating singer Crush, leaked online. On December 15, a photo was posted on the Facebook page ‘Idol Issue’ with the title ‘Crush and Two Shot photo posted on Joy’s Instagram Second Account today.’ The photo contains a selfie of Joy with Crush... Read More
Kpop group PIXY presented a merry Christmas to Kpop fans in advance with their new song ‘Call Me,’ which contains their charms. On the afternoon of December 15, PIXY (Ella, Satbyul, Sua, Dia, Lola, and Dajeong) appeared on MBC M, MBC Every1’s ‘Show Champion.’ They performed their new song ‘Call Me’ live for the first... Read More
Kpop group SEVENTEEN conducted an exclusive interview with the US ‘MTV.’ On December 14 (US time), MTV, a famous US music broadcaster, praised SEVENTEEN’s music and performance. In an interview published on its official website, it highlighted the group as the first Kpop artist of the ‘MTV PUSH’ campaign. Previously, SEVENTEEN presented a non-stop performance... Read More