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September 28, 2021 | trending
BTS Jungkook drew attention as he received praises from Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin while recording ‘My Universe.’ On September 26th, the official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’ released a documentary of world-class British band Coldplay and BTS ‘My Universe.’ In this video, Coldplay and BTS meet in person and record ‘My Universe’ together in the studio. Among... Read More
August 31, 2021 | daily
Ryan Jhun and Kpop group LOONA’s collaborating project ‘Maxis Part II’ cover image has been released. Producer Ryan Jhun stimulated global fans’ hearts by releasing a project cover image with LOONA. Big Ocean ENM uploaded a cover image of the project ‘MAXIS PART II,’ a collaboration project with LOONA, on their official social media channel... Read More
August 25, 2021 | k-music
Sinawe vocalist Bada Kim (BAADA) and kpop band Lanalogue released the teaser video for their collaboration album. In the video teaser of ‘Caffeine,’ released on the official social media of Local High Records on August 24th, Lyoon, the leader of Lanalogue, is listening to the short intro. Just before Lanalogue and Bada Kim start playing,... Read More
July 21, 2021 | daily
Singer-songwriter Colde is making a comeback with ‘When Dawn Comes Again.’ Colde releases a new single, ‘When Dawn Comes Again (Feat. BAEKHYUN)’ on various online music sites at 6 pm on July 21st. This will be his comeback after 3 months, since the release of his last single. On July 20th, Colde released the teaser... Read More
July 1, 2021 | daily
Singer YEZI and DJ OZ GREEN boasted their irreplaceable girl crush charm. At 6 pm on June 30th, they release their EDM collaboration video through YEZI’s official social media channel. In the video, YEZI showed off her powerful vocal skills with a sweet yet husky voice. She adds her delicate facial expressions and gestures to... Read More