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September 8, 2021 | chart
The Kpop group BTS topped the Oricon weekly streaming ranking in Japan. According to the latest chart released by Oricon on September 8th, ‘Permission to Dance’ released by BTS in July, topped the weekly streaming ranking chart. It ranked first in the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking’ with 8016,522 plays following last week. The cumulative number of playbacks... Read More
September 6, 2021 | featured
BTS V made fans’ hearts around the world flutter with his unrivaled beauty. To commemorate the D-77th of this year’s University Scholastic Ability Test, BTS released a cheering video called ‘Study with BTS.’ It is BTS content to study with ARMYs through their official YouTube channel. In fact, ‘Study With BTS’ is content that encourages fans... Read More
August 27, 2021 | featured
BTS expressed their opinion in an interview with Billboard regarding the chart manipulation theory. BTS RM said, “It feels like we’re easy targets because we’re a boy band, a K-pop act. We have this high fan loyalty.” US Billboard should solve the Billboard problem. “It feels like we’re easy targets because we’re a boy band,... Read More
August 19, 2021 | featured
BTS V and BLACKPINK Jisoo’s fandom are once again doing good deeds. The good influence of the Korean star fandom is also affecting Turkey. Recently, the Turkish people are suffering from massive wildfire damage. So, the fandom of Korean stars, including volleyball player Yeonkoung Kim, are showing their support. The Turkish media and environmental activists expressed... Read More
August 12, 2021 | trending
Kpop group BTS member V showed off his advertising skills with his overwhelming charm and innate sense. The video ‘Galaxy x BTS: Get it, let it roll (with Galaxy Z Flip3)’ was released on the official YouTube account of Samsung, where Kpop group BTS is active as a model. ▶Galaxy x BTS: Unfold your Galaxy... Read More
August 4, 2021 | featured
‘Sweet Night,’ an OST for the drama, ‘Itaewon Class’ is a self-composed song by BTS V. It has surpassed 150 million streams. This is the shortest record among Korean drama OSTs. According to the world’s largest music platform Spotify on August 4th, ‘Sweet Night’ achieved 150 million streams. This figure was achieved after 505 days since the... Read More
August 4, 2021 | trending
BTS V catches the eyes of the fans with his sculptural and splendid look. On August 2nd, Big Hit Music’s Naver Post released a background screen picture for the ‘Permission to Dance’ music video. They uploaded four wallpapers of each BTS member titled ‘ARMY’s Monday Sickness Therapist – Banglim,’ by the post manager ‘Banglim.’ So,... Read More
August 3, 2021 | featured
The photos taken by BTS V on the streets of London, England, appeared. The London market actively used them for publicity, and the world paid attention to London. Hashtags #Letsdolondon and #Londonwithtae trends on Twitter. On July 27th, British public broadcaster ‘BBC Radio 1’ released a video of BTS’s performance and interview through ‘Live Lounge.’... Read More
July 31, 2021 | trending
BTS V (Taehyung Kim)’s five songs set a record of over 70 million streaming on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform. On July 27th, V’s first OST, ‘It’s definitely You (BTS V and Jin),’ recorded 70 million streams on Spotify. Also, his solo songs including, ‘Singularity,’ ‘Sweet Night,’ ‘Stigma,’ and ‘Inner Child’ all surpassed 70... Read More
July 28, 2021 | featured
An San, Yubin Shin, and Eunji Ham are moved by the K-pop stars’ direct message, whom they always admired. They are fans of BTS, Mamamoo, WJSN, and The Boyz. “You’re all such successful fans.” The Generation Z national players who participated in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics attracted attention by receiving messages of support directly from... Read More
July 10, 2021 | featured
The visual of BTS V is eye-catching. On July 9th, BTS released the ‘Butter Jacket Preview Clip’ video for each member through their official Twitter account. Among them, member V perfectly digests various fashions and poses. Fans were enthusiastic about V’s natural pictorial appearance. It ranked 5th in the Japanese Twipple Daily Trending. So, fans... Read More
July 6, 2021 | featured
BTS V’s vacation VLOG YouTube video is the first Korean artist to surpass 17 million views, continuing its hot popularity. In October 2019, V posted a video on the official YouTube channel BANGTANTV titled ‘VLOG Sleepy V’s Exciting Vacation #Tan #Sea #PCbang” and added subtitles. He reveals how he enjoys his vacation as an ordinary... Read More
July 6, 2021 | fashion
BTS V captivated fans with his radiant look and overwhelming charisma that transcends boundaries. On July 5th, a short video was uploaded to the official Twitter account of BTS. It contains the notice that BTS will participate in the Louis Vuitton Seoul Show scheduled for 7 pm on July 7 (KST). In the video, BTS... Read More
June 16, 2021 | daily style
BTS V is attracting attention as a fashion icon ahead of its time, captivating people’s hearts and eyes. Overseas media ‘Koreaboo’ published an article titled ‘V is a style icon.’ Along with it are more than 10 photos of V wearing pearl accessories. The media said, “Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is... Read More
June 13, 2021 | trending
BTS V took the first place in Japan’s popularity voting ranking and proved his popularity as a TOP K-pop artist in Japan. On June 12th, V took first place in the ‘KPOP Idol Popularity Voting Ranking’ of ‘KPOP JUICE,’ a popular site that deals with the popularity rankings and audition information of KPOP idols in... Read More