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BTS trending news
‘Our Beloved Summer’ OST ‘Christmas Tree,’ which BTS V sang, achieves 30 million streams on Spotify, showing its strong music power. On January 22, on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform, ‘Christmas Tree‘ broke the record by surpassing 30 million streams in the shortest period of 29 days as a Kpop male solo song. This is... Read More
BTS V became the most viewed KPOP artist personal page view in 2021 in the official Wikipedia ranking, boasting his one-top popularity. From January to December 2021, V proved to be a hot topic in Wikipedia statistics, with an average of 21,087 views per day a total of more than 7.69 million views. V showed... Read More
BTS Jungkook’s ‘Still With You‘ achieved a new record of ‘first’ as a Korean male idol solo, showing his powerful music power. On the global music search app Shazam, Jungkook’s self-composed and solo song ‘Still With You’ recently surpassed 700,000 Shazam. In addition, ‘Still With You’ was the first Korean male idol solo song in... Read More
BTS Jin ranked No. 1 on the list of ‘Idols that people want to go skiing with.’ IDOL CHAMP held a survey from January 14 to January 20, with the theme, “You can’t miss a ski resort in winter! Who’s idol do you want to go to the ski resort with?’ In the survey, BTS... Read More
BTS Jin’s first solo, OST ‘Yours’ shows an outstanding record of being number one for 76 days in a row in the Film, TV & Stage categories of Shazam, a global music search platform. Jin’s ‘Yours’ is the main theme song of the tvN drama ‘Jirisan.’ From November 9 last year to January 23, it... Read More
BTS V captured the fans’ hearts with a noble-like charm and elegant aura. Shinhan Card, where BTS is active as a model, released the video ‘Shinhan Play x BTS V – ‘Financial Recommendation’ on the official YouTube channel on January 19. V left a strong impression in the video by appearing with a dandy, soft... Read More
BTS Jimin is attracting attention as a person who gives great comfort during an interview with children surviving typhoon damage in the Philippines. On January 18, Philippine national news broadcaster ‘TV PATROL’ reported how super typhoon ‘Rai’ (Filipino name ODETTE), which hit the Philippines last month and caused enormous damage, affected the Filipino people. After... Read More
Two self-composed songs, ‘Still With You’ and ‘Decalcomania’ by BTS Jungkook, simultaneously took first place on the Genius Korea chart, demonstrating the strong power of the BTS’ main vocalist. Jungkook’s self-composed song ‘Still With You’ topped the US digital music media Genius Korea’s K-Pop R&B chart on January 22. ‘Still With You’ is a song... Read More