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BTS Permission To Dance
September 10, 2021 | chart
BTS song ‘Permission to Dance’ music video has surpassed 300 million views. The number of YouTube views of the music video for ‘Permission to Dance,’ released worldwide in July, exceeded 300 million at 12:59 pm on September 10th. So, BTS has its 18th music video with 300 million views. ‘Permission to Dance’ is a light and... Read More
September 7, 2021 | featured
Kpop group BTS is not only making impressive records on the US Billboard but also on the Guinness World Records. Kpop group BTS (방탄소년단) was inducted into the Guinness Hall of Fame. Recently, British Guinness World Records announced that BTS entered the ‘Hall of Fame.’ The Hall of Fame lists includes the artists who hold... Read More
September 1, 2021 | chart
Kpop group BTS retakes first place on the Oricon weekly streaming chart in Japan. According to the latest chart released by Oricon on September 1st, ‘Permission to Dance’ released by BTS on July 9, had 8,965,550 weekly views. It took first place in the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking.’ With this, Kpop group BTS reached the top... Read More
August 18, 2021 | featured
Kpop group BTS targets the Japanese music market with ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance.’ Aside from the Japanese Oricon chart, BTS also swept the top spot on famous local radio stations charts. According to the latest chart released by Oricon on August 18th (counting period August 9-15), BTS’ new song ‘Permission to Dance,’ released in July,... Read More
August 10, 2021 | featured
Kpop group BTS ended its streak at number 1 on the Billboard chart. ‘Butter’ set the record for being the longest-running song of the year on the Billboard main chart last week. Billboard announced on August 9th that ‘Butter’ ranked 4th on the ‘Hot 100,’ the main chart. With this, the song finished the record for 7... Read More
August 4, 2021 | trending
BTS V catches the eyes of the fans with his sculptural and splendid look. On August 2nd, Big Hit Music’s Naver Post released a background screen picture for the ‘Permission to Dance’ music video. They uploaded four wallpapers of each BTS member titled ‘ARMY’s Monday Sickness Therapist – Banglim,’ by the post manager ‘Banglim.’ So,... Read More
August 4, 2021 | trending
BTS member Jungkook’s ‘Butter’ SiriusXM fancam and ‘Permission To Dance’ fancam proved his popularity by exceeding 8 million and 6 million views for the first time. Jungkook’s fancam of ‘Butter,’ posted on BTS’ official YouTube channel ‘BANGTANTV’ on July 3 under the title ‘Butter’ Stage CAM (Jung Kook focus) @ SiriusXM – BTS, surpassed 8... Read More
July 25, 2021 | trending
The group BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) expressed their sincerity towards their fans, ARMYs. On July 25th, they posted a video titled, ‘BTS P. to. D PROJECT.’ Big Hit Music, the management company, introduced this project, “BTS analyzes A, R, M, and Y through ARMY analysis. Based on the conclusion from ARMY analysis,... Read More
July 23, 2021 | k-music
The group BTS has released a new version of their new song ‘Permission to Dance.’ BTS released the R&B remix of ‘Permission to Dance’ simultaneously worldwide at 1 pm on July 23rd. The remix version is an R&B genre song with 1990s sensibility. It offers a different charm from the original dance-pop-based song. ‘Permission to Dance’... Read More
July 22, 2021 | featured
BTS Suga thanked fans for giving ‘Permission to Dance’ so much love. As a result, it topped the Billboard Hot 100, so Suga promised to meet ARMY offline soon. On July 21st, Suga released a two-minute video on BTS’ official YouTube channel, BANGTAN TV. Suga said in the video, “Today (20th) at dawn, I heard... Read More
July 21, 2021 | trending
BTS wrote a new history by sweeping the US Billboard charts with the new song ‘Permission to Dance’ following ‘Butter.’ On July 20th, according to the latest chart announced by Billboard, ‘Permission to Dance’ topped the main singles chart, ‘Hot 100.’ BTS released ‘Permission To Dance’ on July 9th. BTS is the first Korean singer... Read More
July 20, 2021 | k-music
British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran expressed his gratitude to BTS. On July 20th, Ed Sheeran posted a photo on his social media that captured No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with ‘Permission to Dance.’ He said, “As a composer, my 4th number one song on the Billboard was born. Thank you to BTS... Read More
July 20, 2021 | trending
From July 23rd – August 14th, there will be YouTube Shorts first global dance challenge in collaboration with BTS. It contains 15 seconds of choreography using international sign language. ’21st Century Pop Icon’ BTS and YouTube will conduct the ‘Permission to Dance Challenge’ on YouTube Shorts. This will run from July 23rd to August 14th.... Read More