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bts Jungkook height
December 26, 2021 | featured
BTS Jungkook’s self-composed song ‘Still With You’ continues its popularity march on TikTok. On December 23, the BTS TikTok account officially released Jungkook’s ‘Still With You.’ Immediately after its release, ‘Still With You’ became a ‘popular’ song in the TikTok sound section, showing its hot popularity. In addition, ‘Still With You’ appeared as a ‘popular’... Read More
December 26, 2021 | daily
BTS Jungkook captured the hearts of fans with his warm and sweet holiday message. Recently on the fan community ‘Weverse,’ BTS members posted their Happy Holiday messages and behind-the-scenes photos. Jungkook said, “Happy holiday♡ The day that I think is the prettiest day of the year~♡ Have a precious and happy day~♡ -JK-” showed off... Read More
December 24, 2021 | trending
BTS Jungkook is gaining much attention as the ‘next-generation Spiderman.’ Recently, an American entertainment media reported that a pictorial of Jungkook for the BTS special editions of GQ Korea and Vogue Korea was very similar to Spiderman’s pose. Some fans edited the photo, which became a hot topic on Twitter. In response, the media said,... Read More
April 5, 2021 | featured
BTS’s Jungkook showed off his handsome sculpture like appearance in ‘Run BTS’. The 132nd episode of BTS’ own entertainment show ‘Run BTS’ will be aired on the 9th of March. The episode has the theme of ’77 minutes discussion’ following last week’s episode. This means that the debater or moderator gets a water bomb if... Read More