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November 5, 2021 | trending
Kpop singer BoA releases her new Japanese digital single ‘My Dear’ on November 5. BoA is celebrating her 20th debut anniversary in Japan this year. She releases her new Japanese song, ‘My Dear,’ on various global music platforms at midnight on November 5. The new song ‘My Dear’ is a medium-tempo song with a warm... Read More
October 24, 2021 | daily
Kpop singer BoA expressed her longing for her older brother, Soonwook Kwon, who died after battling peritoneal cancer. On October 24, BoA posted a picture on her social media along with the caption, “My dear brother, how are you~?? It’s already been 7 weeks. Show me your face in my dreams..!,” along with the photo... Read More
March 10, 2021 | trending
SBS ‘Legendary Stage-Archive K’ tells a vivid story when singer BOA ​​first went to Japan. SBS ‘Legendary Stage-Archive K’ deals with the present situation of Korean popular music and K-POP history. Broadcasted on the 7th, they discussed the Korean music industry, which is now popular throughout the world. ‘K-Pop Across the Sea’ introduces and deals... Read More