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July 1, 2021 | daily
After School member, Lizzy’s blood-alcohol level was at the level of license revocation (over 0.08%). She got involved in an accident after ‘drunk driving’ last May. Prosecutors handed Lizzy (29, real name Sooyoung Park) to trial. She is a former member of the group ‘After School.’ Last May, she had an accident while driving under... Read More
June 7, 2021 | daily
Civilization Express will pre-release a part of the ‘Special Concert,’ which will air on SBS at 11:30 pm on June 11th. Last May, After School members gathered at the SBS Deungchon-dong Public hall for the special performance recording of the special concert. During the camera rehearsal preparing for the ‘Bang!’ performance, Jaejae and MONSTA X... Read More
May 19, 2021 | trending
Lizzy admits driving under the influence of alcohol. She apologizes deeply regarding the incident. On May 19th, Celltrion Entertainment, the agency, said, “We apologize for raising confusion about the unnecessary incident involving actress Lizzy (Sooyoung Park).“ Also, the agency said, “We discovered Lizzy had been drinking and driving on the night of May 18th. This... Read More
March 18, 2021 | daily
Lizzy from the group AfterSchool was angry with the abuser’s foul words. This is regarding her revelation of the identity of the bad guy.  On March 17th, Lizzy released a direct message, which she received from a bad guy. Affler encouraged Lizzie to sue. Eventually, she went to a law firm to consult about the case.... Read More