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아이유 아무도 없는곳
March 21, 2021 | trending
The ‘Shades of the Heart’ movie is packed with famous artists. The movie ‘Shades of the Heart’ is a story of a lost heart. IU coincides with the novelist ‘Changseok,’ who have returned to Seoul during early spring, after 7 years. The movie is directed by Jong-Kwan Kim, also known for the movies ‘Worst Woman’... Read More
March 21, 2021 | trending
There is an online review for the movie of IU, ‘Shades of the Heart.’ Singer and actress IU is brilliant. Even if she recites the slow lines, it was powerful, and the attraction was strong. But other stories are sobbing. They are drooping and can’t stick together. It is the movie ‘Shades of the Heart’ (director Jong-Kwan Kim), where... Read More