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Jennie, a member of the Kpop group BlackPink, showed off her dazzling beauty. On Sunday, Jennie posted several photos on her Instagram with a post titled “The End of Work.” In the photo, Jennie wore jeans and a white t-shirt, showing off her innocent and natural charm. A simple combination, but Jennie aroused the admiration... Read More
BTS Jungkook has revealed their belief in music.Yesterday the UK Korean Embassy Twitter account posted a video of a BTS message to the British people. In the video, BTS was depicted discussing how the power of music brings us all together. Among them, member Jungkook said that music has a power that is unrelated to... Read More
SBS Running Man, which airs tonight at 5 p.m, reveals Lee Kwang-soo’s unconventional hairstyle that surprised members. In the recent recording, the members were astonished by the appearance of Lee Kwang-soo, saying, “This cannot be ignored” because Lee Kwang-soo showed off an unconventional style with only the back of his hair dyed. Running Man cast... Read More
Hanbok costume from Blackpink 'How You Like That' music video. Ⓒ Blackpink / YG Entertainment music video capture Designer Dan-ha Kim, who made hanbok costumes in the video for “How You Like That” by the group Black Pink, which has become a global hot topic, designer Greta Lee, who has been designing hanbok for over... Read More
[#Taehyung Trends] BTS V's real name "Taehyung" is currently trending in more then 20 countries, with "our Taehyung" as no.1 in korea.Taehyung is also trending #1 on tweeple, after his weverse post riding subway.#BTSV #V @BTS_twt pic.twitter.com/JPcQqfl1X2 — KTH FACTS (@KTH_Facts) January 11, 2020 BTS member V won the charts in January, taking first place... Read More
Singer IU showed off her innocent and admirable beauty in her Spring season campaign shooting. Jewelry brand J.ESTINA released a spring 2021 ad campaign yesterday. The Spring season advertising campaign concept was to capture the beautiful moments of jewelry ever shining as ‘Eternal Shine’ with IU. The pink background like a shimmering spring haze. She... Read More