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Kpop singer Youngwoong Lim won a total of 113,939,085 votes and was the only artist with more than 100 million votes on the ‘2021 Mubeat Awards ‘Most Voted Artist.’ In 2021, Kpop singer got 113,939,085 votes and was the only artist with more than 100 million votes on Mubeat. Youngwoong shone his presence in the... Read More
Kpop singer and songwriter Yeoreum Kwon is back. Singer and songwriter Yeoreum Kwon has been consistently loved for ‘Youth’ and ‘Good Night.’ She will release her second mini-album, ‘Lily, Lily’ on March 13. Yeoreum Kwon’s album started with her worries, saying, “Don’t you have to love and accept what you want to avoid?” In fact,... Read More
Group BTS won the Global Recording Artist of the Year award for the second consecutive year in the ‘Global Artist Chart’ at the IFPI for the first time in the world. IFPI announced on its official website and social media on February 25 that “BTS topped the ‘Global Artist Chart 2021.” BTS previously tied for... Read More
The ‘Dynamite’MV by the Kpop group BTS recorded 1.4 billion views a year and a half after its release. According to BIGHIT Music on February 25, the number of YouTube views of the music video for BTS’ digital single ‘Dynamite’ exceeded 1.4 billion around 7:31 pm on February 24. ‘Dynamite’ thus achieved the third 1.4... Read More
(G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua) has released a comeback trailer. At midnight on February 25, (G)I-DLE released a comeback trailer on their official YouTube and social media channels. In the released video, the low narration and the expressionless faces of (G)I-DLE appearing one after the other created tension from the beginning of the... Read More
The rookie group Billlie showed their presence on the global charts with their 2nd mini-album. According to the global music streaming platform iTunes on February 24, Billlie’s second mini-album ‘the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one,’ released on February 23, topped the iTunes Album chart in the United States, Turkey, and Belgium. The title song... Read More