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On December 1, the ASEAN-Korea Music Festival announced that ‘Round 2021’ will take place on January 9, 2022. ‘Round 2021’ will be in the form of ontact (online + untact) due to COVID-19. Introducing a communication method for participating online audiences overcomes the limitations of the realism of streaming performances. Earlier, ‘Round 2020’ took place... Read More
Kpop singers Yongjae Shin of 2F and Ben will be the sixth singers of the ‘REVIBE’ project. Major9 said on December 1, “Yongjae Shin and Ben will participate as the 6th singers of the 20th-anniversary collaboration project ‘REVIBE.'” ‘REVIBE’ is a project that reinterprets the songs of VIBE, sung and loved by the best artists.... Read More
Kpop singer Simon Dominic participated in ‘The Soldiers’ OST. SBS’s ‘The Soldiers’ main theme song ‘WIN,’ which is drawing attention for its overwhelming scale and realistic mission, will be officially out on November 26. ‘The Soldiers’ is a program that selects special personnel for the Korean national team to compete with special forces worldwide. It... Read More
Kpop crossover group Forte di Quattro member Taejin Son will appear on the ‘Listen Stage.’ Taejin Son will hold a listening session for his first EP, The Present ‘At The Time,‘ through Mystic Story’s performance project ‘LISTEN STAGE‘ from 7:30 pm today, November 25. He released the EP, The Present ‘At The Time’ on November... Read More